USEN is the acronym born from the union of two words: useless and enough, a provocation that hides a precise intention.

We looked around and we understood one thing: entering the market with an umpteenth line of clothing to present itself as yet another high fashion brand, would have been superfluous.
For this reason we do not perceive USEN as a brand that seeks to make a trend but as a new way of approaching fashion and clothing that we are used to buying.

What clothes do you say about you? Could you tell your story?
And what do you know about the clothes you buy?

We believe that between the individual and what he wears there must be a dialogue, a reciprocal exchange in which to recognize and improve oneself.
It is therefore essential that the products that surround us are in tune with our identity.
An identity that is built on specific characteristics. Starting from clothes, first of all.